Dear Madam Chancellor,
love Dr. Merkel ,
already many years ago, in your capacity as Minister for Family Affairs, several times I had personal contact with you and
during the last coalition negotiations have my comments and ratings in an open letter to the party leader of the CDU, CSU and SPD ( „Eight demands of a German citizen of the future Federal Government“ ) on November 1, 2013 „was added carefully,“ as me were aligned in a letter dated 13/11/13.
Today I am writing to you to bring you my respects to express whether your continued courageous and farsighted peace efforts around the Ukraine conflict, your tireless struggle for the preservation of peace in our Europe and the world.
It can not be but that after two devastating world wars in the last century, which is namely our European neighbors to the east indescribable suffering inflicted (millions of deaths, hunger and destruction), again a war against Russia by some unscrupulous parties considered the world.
With my esteem for your previous responsible attitude as German state woman I connect the urgent request from any power on earth to move or to be forced to leave your present path of diplomacy .
We, the citizens of Germany (and Europe) are on this issue entirely on your side and will thank you.
Yours faithfully,
Your Rudolf Hansel
Dr. Rudolf Hansel
88131 Lindau (Bodensee)